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Here I am:  Calls for Proposals

10th Joint CORNET Call for Trans-national Collective Research Project Proposals

Project consortia of associations, federations, trade associations or groupings of industrial enterprises (especially SMEs) from at least 2 different CORNET countries are invited to submit proposals for joint collective research projects.

Launch: June 10, 2010
Submission closure: September 30, 2010 (12 noon).

The following countries and regions have confirmed their participation in the 10th call:
Belgium - Flanders
Czech Republic
The Netherlands

Link to Proposal Template
In order to get access to the CORNET proposal template for the 10th call, project coordinators need to shortly register by using the following link: www.cornet-submission.net

Contact your national/regional funding agency
Please contact your national/regional funding agency in an early stage to inform it about your plans to participate in this call and to hear about the procedure and national/regional requirements to participate.
Your agency can also help you to find additional project partners abroad.

An overview of project ideas and partnersearch requests for the 10th call is available on: Partnersearch

Download: cornet_erasme_leaflet_call_deadline_30-9-2010.pdf