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Interested - What kind of organisation are you?

There are two levels of "participants" in CORNET: 

Research Funders
NEW Success Story: Polish Funding Organisation NCBR Joins CORNET - Download: flyer_success_story_web.pdf
Research Funders are organisations such as ministries or funding agencies, that are Programme Owners or Programme Managers of national or regional funding schemes that support SME associations or cluster organisations on behalf of their SME members in the field of Research and Development (R&D). Research funders receive CORNET proposals, evaluate them and fund CORNET projects. Please inform here...

Clusters, SME associations, SMEs and research organisations
These are the organisations / beneficiaries of CORNET, which submit proposals and carry out CORNET research projects. They receive budget for CORNET projects from a research funder in their country/region. Please inform here...