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15th CORNET Call for Proposals

Project consortia of associations, clusters, federations or groupings of industrial enterprises (especially SMEs) from at least 2 different CORNET countries are invited to submit proposals for joint collective research projects.

Launch: December 1st, 2012
Submission closure: March 28th, 2013, noon
Submission per e-mail to: eu@aif-ftk-gmbh.de

Contact your national/regional funding agency

Please contact your national/regional funding agency in an early stage to inform it about your plans to participate in this call and to hear about the procedure and national/regional requirements to participate.Your agency can also help you to find additional project partners abroad.

National/Regional Funding programmes 15th CORNET Call

Funding Agency
National/Regional Programme
General Programmes: at_ffg_basic_programme.pdf
VIS-CO and TETRA: be_fl_iwt_visco_tetra.pdf
Czech Republic
Cooperation Clusters: cz_mpo_cooperation_clusters.pdf
Germany - Programme Owner
Germany - Programme Manager
National Programme for Scientific R&D Activities: pl_ncbir_inicjatywa_cornet.pdf
The Netherlands - Please contact Agentschap NL
IPC Programme: nl_nl_agency_ipc.pdf