At the heart of a project: lessons learned

At the CORNET and IraSME Partnering Event on 28 January 2016 in Aachen Dr. Kristina Lahl (IfU e.V.) gave insights into the running CORNET project TeSaMa (Technical Safety Maintenance in Mechanical Engineering) ...

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Project Ideas for the 21st Call for Proposals

Still looking for a partner? A broad variety of project ideas are waiting for you to join in. The results of the last two joint Partnering Events of CORNET and IraSME are available to download ...

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Top view of six people, men and women, drawing bright yellow light bulb on a large sheet of paper or placard. Conceptual of teamwork, research, education and innovation.

High-flying Partnering Event in Aachen

Every seat was taken on the buzzing CORNET and IraSME partnering event, hosted by the WZL of RWTH in Aachen on 28 January 2016. In cooperation with the EEN and ZENIT more than 100 participants spent an ...

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